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Heavy-Duty Support

Rolls Masonry Scaffolding can accommodate stress of up to 75 pounds per square foot, ideal for supporting loads of block in addition to workers and tools

Platform Width

Fixed, with a width of 5 feet


7 feet

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Scaffolding: Masonry Scaffolding

Masonry Scaffolds need to support the weight of not only workers, but also large loads of blocks and bricks. Properly constructed Masonry Scaffolding will accommodate stress of up to 75 pounds per square foot. Platform width for Masonry Scaffolds is fixed, at 5 feet wide, with 7-foot centers.

Masonry Delivery Service Saves Time and Money

With our unique delivery methods, you can achieve significant savings before work has even begun. We deliver frames in transportable racks allowing you to easily move them around the jobsite. For you, the bottom line is improved though labor utilization, higher productivity and a reduced cost.

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